Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The world is too complex for linear analytic thinking now. To be smart in the global village means thinking with your stomach, thinking rhythmically, thinking organically, thinking in terms of yourself as an interwoven piece of nature.
- Jean Houston (quote extracted from The Cultural Creatives)

Gold will be slave or master. 'Tis more fit that it be led by us than we be led by it.

Last night, as I was anticipating settling in to bed next to my cuddly little munchkin, a family brawl ensued. The subject: money. A recurring discussion between mom and nana from and old school perspective to a new age mind set. Mom presented points that as the world market collapses, real estate and gold are our best options for preserving wealth, that hoarding money just for the sake of having it is an interesting way to live, and that ventures that are based out of a desire to make money can't stand up to projects based out of passion and innovative thinking. Not to mention, focusing on the lack of anything, money in particular, is no way to spend your days. Though I can understand where nana's belief system is based given her age and upbringing, I feel strongly that it is time for a shift. 

While dad was here we had many a conversation about him choosing a new career path, one that involves him actually enjoying what he does. He and I would get hyped about all of the possibilities until the issue of how came into the picture. I was reminded of a Law of Attraction passage that I read months ago stating that if you simply focus on the good feeling prospect unwaveringly it will inevitably become a reality, it is when you focus on the logistics of a situation that you get stuck in thinking it will be too difficult/costly/time consuming and the fire that was originally present at the base of thought dwindles into ash.

About a week ago, I was deep in the midst of working on the store, when mom came in and said "let's go." I whined back, not really wanting to leave in the middle of my task. She of course went into a spiel about how she thought it would be quite beneficial for me to see the property she was taking me to and as always, she was right. Las Barancas is a collection of homes and casitas owned by various people who mostly use them as vacation dwellings. Two of the only full-time residents, Dar and Cynthia, planted a lavender farm there which Dar stated began as a quest to have a beautiful front yard and evolved to a 7,500 plant endeavor. They harvest 4 different types of lavender which stand in vast curvy lines throughout their property, and let me tell you, to view these savory purple plants blowing in the dry wind, the resplendent mountains guarding them from every angle, is a beauty unlike anything I've ever seen. Dar, perhaps one of the only people I've met who can nearly match my mom's level of industriousness and vision, told us of all the undertakings she has on her horizon, and we had a lovely afternoon exchanging ideas of the future of our minute ghost town. I left there feeling refreshed and inspired from having indulged in an afternoon with like-minded people. I gained even more faith that if one is fervent about their vocation, abundance will guide them through. That creating with the use of intuition and inventive wiles will bring sustainable forms of income as opposed to the limited means of the money-hungry thinker.

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