Saturday, April 24, 2010

Notes on Resistance

The stone that the builder refuse will always be the head cornerstone.
-Bob Marley (and the Bible)

I have heard my mom speak the words "what you resist shall persist" more times than I care to recall, and they were usually met with a giant eye-roll. It is in my recent stage of knowledge seeking and intuitive thought that I am seeing the real truth in these words. That which we push away will push right back at us until we learn that negative thought is just as powerful as an affirmation. Consequently we will receive the things we give thought to, and if our thoughts are predominately that which we refuse to accept, that is what we magnetize.

Keikai left because he hated everything about Mexico. I frequently heard complaints about the food, people, language barrier, noise, and the fact that his job here was a customer service one. He also blames his departure on the volatile relationship he had with my mom, the Leo. He is now in Minnesota getting a job at Chipotle working with a largely Mexican crew (the manager needed an interpreter to interview him), in a customer service position, making Mexican inspired cuisine. He is living in an apartment with three Leos.

Davis left because the physical labor required of him was too much at the age of 50. He screamed expletives at my mom for making him assist the workers in moving an oven. He is now working 2 jobs in Minnesota: one as a rock hauler and one as a furniture assembler.

While some refer to such instances as irony or coincidence, I believe these words are simply methods of rationalizing an extremely important and seldom recognized notion. Constant thought of what you don't want will play undesirables in your life like a broken record. Focus on what you do want and forget the rest.

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