Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding Something in Everything

About a month ago, when I woke up to feed Tallulah, I had a vision; Lemons. Though I was tempted to dismiss this peculiar apparition, the brightly colored fruits continued to roll through my mind. As Tallulah ate to her hearts content, I began to ruminate on the significance of this thought. I started thinking on the expression When life gives you lemons... and after discussing the concept with mom, decided that the name for our website should be lemons.com. Well, that URL would have cost us $100,000 so we continued to rack our brains. It was only after an intense meditation session that I opened my eyes and said Lovely Lemons. Not only was this site name available for the economical cost of $10, it was even more fabulous than the first title and even more connected to the message we mean to convey. Since that day I have been striving to notice every one of life's nuances I can, and follow the universe's dispatches of meaning.

A week ago today I was flipping through one of my mom's books, stopped on an arbitrary page, and found a quote that resonated with me profoundly. It was uttered by a woman named Sheila Graham. Sheila Graham? I thought, so I googled her. I found that she and I share a birthday, and not only are we both Virgos, but we share the Chinese sign; the dragon. She died the year I was born and she was a writer. I went to bed thinking about how strange it all was and woke up even more curious about this woman. After further research I found that she was involved with F. Scott Fitzgerald an infamous alcoholic and she as a result was codependent. Upon telling my mom this she reminded me that F. Scott Fitzgerald's historic home is situated right next door to one of the homes I grew up in and consequently Sheila Graham spent a great deal of time there. At this point, I was totally freaked out. After ordering books about and written by her, it occurred to me that she and I may be kindred souls. Before you snicker at my assumption, hear me out. I feel that  the reason that I happened to flip to that specific page and happened upon that exact quote is because I was meant to find out about this dynamic woman, to learn about her life which is eerily in line with mine and see that I don't have to live her same sufferings. 

Since this whole saga happened I have found myself noticing many things that are spookily relevant, things my former, non-observant self would have blown right past. One such occurrence arose last night when I was reading my Tarot cards. I lay out the cards asking what my purpose was, what I need to learn, and what I need to do.  While all of the cards I pulled were unbelievably applicable to exactly where I am in my life, the last of the 9 cards that I pulled was the 9 of cups, which my reading revealed to be equivalent to the 9 of hearts, a card that depicts that whatever one wishes for will be granted. While I was elated to read the positive message of this card I looked at it and saw that the largest and most prominent of the 9 cups illustrated on the card held two, brilliantly yellow lemons.

So while I could easily disregard these things and file them in my mind under coincidences, I choose to notice and follow them to the core of their meaning. Not only is running after these instances of serendipity exciting and invigorating, it is leading me to door after open door and encouraging me to listen to my intuition and move spontaneously in the direction of the greatest inspiration, happiness, and abundance.

*more on Sheila Graham and our uncanny likenesses as I learn.
*www.LovelyLemons.com coming soon!

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