Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Though this is a topic I have covered in the past, I feel that the more life experience I gain, the more my perspective on the matter changes. It's a concept that is easy to explain and extremely difficult to achieve. Having faith that an illness can be cured if you trust your intuition, that the currency spent will be replenished, that even though at times all the forces of the universe seem to be pushing against you, you will persevere and likely become a stronger person for having endured them. 

For me, a woman who has scarcely been sick my entire life, having this newly developed stomach ailment for an extended period of time has been massively disruptive not only to my physical body but to my mind. Because I am nursing, I cannot take antibiotics and because I am trekking on a new spiritual path I have my doubts about going to the doctor in the first place. Now, on a steady diet of bentonite clay, raw garlic, pineapple, raw veggies and grains, and a plethora of dietary supplements, I am forced to discover that healing is a process that requires, over all of it, trust.

When mom and nana bought Casa Montana, they were hardly prepared for the heap of complications that came with it, and given their extensive experience with renovating, that is saying something. Along with adjusting to the Mexican construction customs and allowing for over a year of 9 hour days, there is also the necessity of confidence that the money put into the project will come back, something that is an ongoing undertaking, though less tangible, as large as the overhaul itself. Though many fights have been elicited by this subject, the overriding message is to remain faithful and discard the negative reel of monkey chatter convincing us that prosperity is out of reach.

Though it is definitely simpler to preach the power of trust when existence is peachy, what makes us solid is sticking with it when tried by life's lessons. As someone who is a perpetual worry-wart, it has taken all of my strength to breathe and focus on my progress rather than my disturbing symptoms, because the alternative is ruminating on misery which is certainly unproductive. As the Law of Attraction often states "focus on the good feeling thought" as thought is what drives the universe into action. So I picture myself in good health, envision wealth and abundance, and manifest happiness and when I reach that vibration of gratitude and well-being, trust is simply inevitable.

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